Setup Neovim for Lua Development

Lua Development in Neovim

Even if you don't plan on doing any Lua development in Neovim it is probably a good idea to enable lua support.

One reason for this is that pretty much all of Neovim's future development/configuration will be done in lua.

This article will show you how to turn Neovim into a lua IDE.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install ninja

    • Arch: sudo pacman -S ninja
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt install ninja-build
    • Mac: brew install ninja
  2. Clone Lua Language Server Repo

  3. Build language Lua Server

    • Linux:

    • Mac:

Configure Language Server

Now create file to hold the config and source it somewhere:

Make sure that the root path and binary paths are pointing to the correct installation location or nothing will work

(Optional) Formatting and Auto-Format

The sumneko language server doesn't support format out of the box

We can install a formatter and use the efm-language-server server to support it

The efm-language-server is a general purpose language-server

Install Lua Formatter

First install LuaRocks

Then run:

Install efm-language-server

  • Linux (you will need to have go installed, also you will need to put the go/bin dir in your PATH)

  • Mac:

Configure Formatting

Now you can call: lua vim.lsp.buf.formatting()

And for auto-format add this to a .vim file and source it:

Links and references

Install language server



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