Neovim plugins w/ Packer

Install Plugins

Create the plugins file:

Add the following to plugins.lua

Require in init.lua

NOTE (you will need to open and close Neovim at least once to install packer automatically)


Where are my plugins?

To see your plugins go to ~/.local/share/nvim/site/pack/packer/

and your plugin will be under either start or opt

What is the difference between start and opt?

Plugins in the start directory will be sourced automatically on Neovim startup

Plugins in the opt directory will be sourced usually on some autocommand

What is the compiled file do?

The packer_compiled.lua found here: ~/.config/nvim/plugin/packer_compiled.lua

It essentially optimizes the plugins startup time, it will also allow you to disable plugins without any startup penalty.


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